Dr. Jonathan Zwerka
Founder, Chiropractor and CEO

Dr. Jonathan Zwerka

Dr. Jonathan Zwerka was born and raised in Rochester, New York and has been practicing chiropractic for over 13 years. He first went to the University of Buffalo for his undergraduate degree before attending New York Chiropractic College; graduating in 2006. After graduating he worked with many talented chiropractors and attended many seminars to hone his craft. Then in 2014 Jon was ready to build the practice of his dreams by taking over One Life Chiropractic as owner and chiropractor.
Dr. Jonathan Zwerka is excited about the direction One Life Chiropractic has taken since he took over the practice in 2014. With his fiancée Erika, and two sons by his side, he is spreading the gift of his family wellness practice with his community in Rochester. His passion for Chiropractic care comes from being able to treat the individual through a non-invasive natural approach by considering the human frame and the body’s nutritional needs.
Dr. Jonathan Zwerka continues to perfect his craft by attending several chiropractic and nutrition seminars each year in order to bring the best care to his patients. The Chiropractic philosophy aligns perfectly with his beliefs to treat conservatively and reach as many people as possible. In the office Dr. Jonathan Zwerka uses chiropractic care for correcting neurostructural shifts. His focus is on spinal correction to enhance the overall function of the nervous system. However, because of his experience in chiropractic and nutrition, he continues to offer at One Life Chiropractic a variety of therapies such as spinal and extremity adjusting, corrective deep tissue, targeted muscular training, and nutrition response testing to help his patients achieve and maintain their state of wellness. Dr. Jon understands the value of these therapies in helping each individual’s body to achieve optimal function and wellness. At One Life Chiropractic, pain relief is just the beginning.
  • Email:drjon@onelifechiropractic.com
  • Experience:15 years